Hip Hop Pop is proud to continually offer events for its members to take part in, and create memories for life.

What do we offer for the tiny ones (age 3 to 5)?


At the end of of every half-term at the end of the lesson, we host a mini-performance opportunity, where the little hip-hoppers family members can watch them perform the steps and routine they've learnt over the previous 5 to 7 weeks. It's an opportunity not only for the family to see their achievements but for the tiny ones to create proud memories and build self-confidence. We love these mini-performances!

What can all members aged 6 to adult of all levels take part in?


We offer an awesome annual showcase performance opportunity, where all students aged 6 to adult of all levels can perform on stage in front of around 400 people per performance and proudly show off what they've been learning in classes. Students of all ages LOVE these showcase style performances. It's also great for the youngsters to see the adult advanced dancers perform and aspire to be like them. 

Every Easter and Summer holiday, we put on a fun-dance-packed -2-day-event that see's on around 5 guest tutors visit Hip Hop Pop who are well seasoned professional dancers, top respected tutors and in some cases celebrities! We've had, Twist and Pulse, Flawless members, Diversity members and many more teach at these events. 


What about those ready for the next level?


Students who have trained with us for at least 2 years, who give 100% to every class, who have shown improvement, who have built a solid foundation, who have a positive attitude are welcome to attend our auditions to join our local performance crews. Hip Hop Pop performance crews have proudly entertained our home towns, in particular Harlow, over the last 14 years. Find out more here

Dancers who's skill level is of a professional standard by age 18 , they will be considered for invitation to our professional team. Read more about the shows, events ands projects our professionals work on here

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