• Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

The best dance schools in the UK all ooze these 4 things

Updated: Aug 8

What do the best dance schools in the UK all have in common? The best performers? Possibly, but we believe there are many other factors that are much more important which make many dance schools some of the best dance schools in the UK. Are you an aspiring dancer (or the parent of one)? This post will help you find the best dance school for you / your child.


Firstly, this is an 'opinion' piece, our point of view, we're not pitching any dance schools against each other in any kind of hierarchy - ergh, yuck, there'll be none of that negativity or competition here. We're simply going to look closer at what assets and skills are just as important or in some cases more important than just students 'performance levels' to determine a 'good' school.

We believe the best dance schools in the UK provide more than just a linear, learn-the-steps, experience. We've named what we believe to be the 4 most important elements that make up the best dance schools as 'P.I.C.K' - Professionalism, Inclusivity, Confidence & Knowledge'

'P' for Professionalism

By Professionalism we mean, dance schools that understand the responsibility they are given by the students, or the parents of the studnets, to provide a safe education, and understand the influence their actions have on students, especially the youngsters. We also mean professionalism in terms of reliability to pave a clear path of growth and progression for studnets of all ages. And of course, professionalism in organisation - a dance school that communicates clearly and timely to its members, ensuring they feel well informed and a part of the group, or what we call 'family'.

'I' for Inclusivity

We believe the best dance schools are those who are creating opportunities for everyone to take part in and enjoy dance, the ones that are going out of their way to be accessible. That also includes dance schools that communicate thoughtfully and are dynamic in their delivery to accommodate every type of learner.

'C' for Confidence

Dance schools that build people up and encourage self expression, dance schools that celebrate ALL wins no matter how big or small, are the best in our book! Dance in general is a perfect example of how children (and adults alike) can learn how practice pays off. Through initial instruction, then encouragement to try themselves, it can lead to them seeing themselves capable of accomplishing challenging things. A sense of accomplishment = increased confidence. Read more on the benefits of dance on mental heath here

'K' for Knowledge

Dance schools who go deeper, those that learn the: where from's, the whys's, how's, the who's and the when's, and obtain a good depth of knowledge who then share that with their students, make them some of the best dance schools in the UK. The dance schools that pay homage to pioneers, and those that remain students and continue to learn are awesome in our book!


With more and more dance schools popping up and developing over the last decade in-line with the popularity of the art form in the media, how do you pick the best dance schools in UK, or more to the point, the best one for you? Use our 'P.I.C.K' theory to get you on the right track: Do they come across professional? Is their information clear, do you feel you would be welcomed with open arms to the dance school's community? Are their reviews from happy students and parents mentioning their increased confidence or any type of encouragement from the dance school? And finally, do they sound like they know more than simply how much to charge you!? If you can answer yes to all these questions then you're likely on to a winner!

We'd like to think here at Hip Hop Pop, we are one of the best dance schools in the UK. The press said this about our dance school: "The BEST dance school in the area, and arguably one of the BEST in the country", fancy giving our classes a try? We'd love to meet you, get yourself a FREE trial today.

Thanks for reading, keep dancing!

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop