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Fitness Classes in Harlow | Our Favourite 10 Exercise Classes in Harlow | Achieve Goals Successfully

Updated: May 3

Fitness Classes In Harlow

Looking for great fitness classes in Harlow? Yes? Excellent, me too! As the Director of successful dance company Hip Hop Pop, and a qualified dance tutor, I have an invested interest in keeping dancers fit and healthy as well as looking after my own fitness and wellbeing needs. Therefore I am excited to share with you:

  • Our favourite 10 exercise classes in Harlow

  • What being physically fit actually means

  • The 5 components of fitness definitions and examples

  • What the fitness benefits of dance are

  • How to achieve your goals successfully - bonus tip!

First, let's be honest...

I'm personally in the worst shape of my life (at time of writing), lockdown was the first time in my dance career (18 years), that I'd given my body even half a rest, and sure, I enjoyed the recovery, but it's time to make a commitment to myself to get back to my physical fitness happy place, no matter how long it takes to get there. I'll be pulling on my past experience / knowledge and listening to some great local experts - more on them in a bit! So if you're reading this thinking you can relate, you're going to love this article! Let's do it, stick with me for the next 10 minutes, it's worth it - I promise!

>> Read to the end for our favourite 10 exercise classes in Harlow PLUS bonus tip on how to achieve your goals successfully!

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What does being physically fit mean

What does being physically fit mean?

Physical fitness is defined as “a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity" - according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Being fit is not measured just by what activity you're doing, physical fitness is combination of 5 components. Let's look at those...

5 components of fitness definitions and examples

Here's the 5 components of fitness in a brief no-jargon-easy-to-understand summary (with the help and expertise of Siobhan at Hayden Hiit and Fit, and Becky at Flex Fit)

1. Cardiovascular endurance

The ability of the heart, lungs and blood to get oxygen to working muscles