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Updated: Aug 8

Fitness Classes In Harlow

Looking for great fitness classes in Harlow? Yes? Excellent, me too! As the Director of successful dance company Hip Hop Pop, and a qualified dance tutor, I have an invested interest in keeping dancers fit and healthy as well as looking after my own fitness and wellbeing needs. Therefore I am excited to share with you:

  • Our favourite 10 exercise classes in Harlow

  • What being physically fit actually means

  • The 5 components of fitness definitions and examples

  • What the fitness benefits of dance are

  • How to achieve your goals successfully - bonus tip!

First, let's be honest...

I'm personally in the worst shape of my life (at time of writing), lockdown was the first time in my dance career (18 years), that I'd given my body even half a rest, and sure, I enjoyed the recovery, but it's time to make a commitment to myself to get back to my physical fitness happy place, no matter how long it takes to get there. I'll be pulling on my past experience / knowledge and listening to some great local experts - more on them in a bit! So if you're reading this thinking you can relate, you're going to love this article! Let's do it, stick with me for the next 10 minutes, it's worth it - I promise!

>> Read to the end for our favourite 10 exercise classes in Harlow PLUS bonus tip on how to achieve your goals successfully!

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What does being physically fit mean

What does being physically fit mean?

Physical fitness is defined as “a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity" - according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Being fit is not measured just by what activity you're doing, physical fitness is combination of 5 components. Let's look at those...

5 components of fitness definitions and examples

Here's the 5 components of fitness in a brief no-jargon-easy-to-understand summary (with the help and expertise of Siobhan at Hayden Hiit and Fit, and Becky at Flex Fit)

1. Cardiovascular endurance

The ability of the heart, lungs and blood to get oxygen to working muscles

2. Body Composition

The way the body is made up in terms of muscle, bone, fat and water

3. Muscle Endurance

The amount of time muscles can repeat an action without tiring.

4. Muscular Strength

Amount of force your muscles can put in

5. Flexibility

Range of motion of muscle and connective tissues at a joint

Let's look at some examples of how these 5 component definitions can deliver:

>> Read to the end for our favourite 10 exercise classes in Harlow PLUS bonus tip on how to achieve your goals successfully!

EXAMPLE 1 - Cardiovascular Endurance and Street Dance:

Street Dance works the heart both anaerobically (in short quick bursts of intensity) and aerobically (steady intensity). The more we train, the more efficient your heart and lungs become - you'll have more energy to keep going and won't feel out of breath as quickly.

EXAMPLE 2 - Body Composition and Street Dance:

Dancing burns calories as it increases metabolism and therefore is a great fat burner. You also have the potential to increase muscle mass and the impact moves from dancing can help strengthen your bone mass, helping in later life with avoiding osteoporosis.

EXAMPLE 3 - Muscle Endurance and Street Dance:

Dance improves muscular endurance by challenging the muscles to maintain their ability to contract over a long period of time. Through training, your muscles become more efficient, taking longer to tire and you'll ache less following a class or performance.

EXAMPLE 4 - Muscle Strength and Street Dance:

In dance you're constantly changing positions, tensing your muscles, holding your core muscles tight to maintain balance, these short periods of high intensity muscle contractions lead to increased strength. As strength increases you'll be able to hit moves harder and faster. You'll also be able to jump higher and see improved balance.

EXAMPLE 5 - Flexibility and Street Dance:

Flexibility reduces your chance of injury, it improves your posture (in dance and everyday) and gives you greater freedom of movement making positions more aesthetically pleasing too.

"What we love most about using street dance as an exercise medium to work on all 5 components of physical fitness at once is that it's FUN! It's more than fun, it's EMPOWERING and it makes you SMILE - What more can you want from your exercise time?"

Now we're on the same page of what physical fitness is, here's the juicy part, our favourite 10 classes in Harlow who can help you achieve your physical fitness goals

>> Read to the end for our bonus tip on how to achieve your goals successfully!
10 Exercise Classes In Harlow

This list of our favourite 10 exercise classes in Harlow was SO hard to put together, there are so many amazing classes, venues and individuals who are passionate and talented at what they do in Harlow, so how did we pick these for the top 10? This list includes people we have personally trained with and/or who have helped us reach great levels of physical fitness throughout our dance careers, and when I say our, I'm talking: myself and co-director Victoria and members of our professional dance team. Also included in this list are fellow dancers we have had the pleasure of sharing stages with, who have used their passion for dance as a base and/or catalyst for their fitness career.

Here's our list of our 10 favourite exercise classes in Harlow (and all things related), in no particular order:

(note: information listed here has been taken directly from the websites of those in this list and or direct written advice, we do not take responsibility for the delivery of their services, please also note the services listed here may change as this article gets older)

System of Strength  - Exercise classes in Harlow

System of Strength

Ben is an experienced and qualified NLP Practitioner who focuses and encourages a “whole person” approach to his SOS model, believing that mindset coaching is imperative to any physical training programme. Building a strong, healthy mind is just as important as building a strong healthy body and in fact one is impossible without the other.

“If we can conquer the mind we can achieve anything”

The System Of Strength is an online fitness based mindset programme, designed specifically to help you:

  • Build a strong, aligned, body & mind

  • Learn Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Full nutrition system with Vegan plan

  • Educational Coaching that encourages your intuition

  • Body weight only daily workout videos

  • Kettlebell workouts updated monthly

  • Ab workouts

  • A unique ethos based around the “7 Systems of Strength”

  • Private Facebook community with support and regular live Q&A’s

  • Mindset & personal development

  • Social events / challenges / Mountain hikes

  • Online challenges

  • A huge focus on mental health & well-being

Hayden Hiit and Fit Training - 10 exercise classes in Harlow

Hayden Hiit & Fit Training

Siobhan Hayden is a qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and sports massage therapist (check out reviews at Hayden massage therapy). Siobhan covers all areas to improve your health and wellbeing.

Siobhan believes that exercise and fitness is for everyone to enjoy at every level. If you’ve ever felt nervous about starting she's there to support and encourage you to take those first steps.

Siobhan has worked within the fitness industry for 19 years and took a break to have kids but she's BACK BABY with more energy, enthusiasm and burning ideas to help you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be.

Siobhan offers a Friday Blast Class at 10:15am at Body Fresh Fitness, Harlow Rugby Club.

First session is free so why not go along, meet Siobhan and give it a go 💪

Lee Jessey PT - 10 exercise classes in Harlow

Lee Jessey Personal Trainer

Individually designed intense & functional training to guarantee results. Diabetes specific diet & lifestyle advice.

Offering a unique approach to fitness training which combines functional, dynamic & intense training styles to ensure your body works to its maximum potential whilst ensuring correct form and techniques at all times.

Using a wide range of equipment including battle ropes and olympic bars to keep training sessions varied and shorter in length, typically 30 minutes, but greater in intensity which can fit around busy schedules whilst still achieving superb results.

LJPT also offers a wide range of fitness classes throughout the week for those who prefer a group based, but just as intense training session.

Flex Fit With Becky - 10 exercise classes in Harlow

Flex FIt With Becky

Download info on her services here

With 13 years teaching and coaching experience, a Level 3 fitness diploma, a Sports Science Degree and being qualified teacher, you can put your trust in training with Becky. Catering for all abilities with a client centred approach, Becky offers:

  • Personal Training

  • Nutrition Advice

  • Virtual Fitness Workouts

  • Online Programmes

Flex Fit With Becky's Ultimate Results Programme has it all, it's a 6 week fitness and nutrition program that will help you build habits that last, get personalised advice, workouts, meal inspiration, nutritional feedback and much more!

*Hip Hop Pop members - get 10% with Flex Fit with Becky (via our Perk Partners Scheme)

The Body Goals Plan - 10 exercise classes in Harlow

The Body Goals Plan

'Healthier. Happier, Fitter. Stronger. At Home'


The Plan:

  • 6 workouts a week, all with real time videos for you to follow along with.

  • Join their private Facebook group & have your coaches available at the touch of a button for your support everyday.

  • Improve your relationship with food, lean how to ditch your bad habits & ‘diet’ mentality forever, with their simple & easy to follow system you can enjoy the foods you love.

  • Access to recipe pack, 120+ recipes including vegan recipes.

  • Build your body, brain & confidence with their education & support video library.

Offering discounts for couple and awesome result, you've simply got to check these guys out!

Sarah Piercy - 10 exercise classes in Harlow

Sarah Piercy - Pilates & Nutrition

Sarah Piercy truly believes that Pilates is the most amazing form of exercise, no matter what age, size or fitness level. Sarah runs classes with such a range of people attending; new mums, people with back conditions, Pilates literally is for everyone. It can have such a positive effect on your life, she really believes everyone should incorporate it into their lives at least once a week.

A review on Sarah's website states: "Since Sarah has helped me with my nutrition, I’ve learnt so much. The main thing being that I don’t need to starve or restrict myself to lose weight. She’s always at the end of the line for any help or questions.  I also attend Sarah’s Pilate classes which I love. I can’t thank her enough" ~ Rachel

Bounce Fit Body - 10 Fitness Classes in Harlow


((BOUNCE)) is mini trampoline fitness founded in 2014 by Kimberlee Perry, brought to life with the main aim of making fitness fun more accessible for everyone! With studio's up and down the country, ((BOUNCE)) is a household name.

Routines are performed to banging tunes in a welcoming, motivating, environment. They encourage a social space wher