Choice of Rubber or Plastic cases (for most models), and choice of White or Black edging.


Models available:



4/4s - Rubber or Plastic Case

5s/SE - Plastic Case

5c - Rubber or Plastic Case

6/6s - Rubber or Plastic Case

6Plus - Rubber or Plastic Case

7 - Plastic Case

7 plus/8plus - Plastic Case

X - Rubber or Plastic Case


Samsung Galaxy:

SE - Rubber or Plastic Case

S4 mini - Plastic Case

S5 - Rubber or Plastic Case

S5 mini - Rubber or Plastic Case

S6 - Rubber or Plastic Case

S6 edge - Rubber or Plastic Case

S7 - Rubber or Plastic Case

S7 edge - Rubber or Plastic Case

s8 - Rubber or Plastic

s8 plus - Rubber or Plastic


Add your initials to the Hip Hop Pop phone case

(up to 3 letters)




P&P is £2.95 per full order, and will be added at checkout. All items (while we are not in our usual studio classes) will be posted to you, and you will receive your items within 15 working days 


At Hip Hop Pop, we do not make wearing our logo or a uniform compulsory because we like all students to feel comfortable in what they want to wear and be able to express themselves not only in their dancing but in their clothing too. This also ensures our classes are accessible for all households regardless of financial status. However, the majority of our students still choose to Hip Hop Pop merchandise, they love the Hip Hop Pop street dance wear and feel proud to wear the logo.

All of our street dance wear is suitable to dance in, comfortable, flexible, breathable, washable and best of all they 'feel good on'!Do you have an individual style? Do you have a favourite colour? Do you like to 'match' we've got you covered! There's so much choice on our Merchandise shop and so much that can be matched together too. It's like shopping at your favourite retail store.

Want to buy an item as a gift for a student? No worries, pop an email, let her know your order is for a gift and she'll get your order to you descretly.

Happy Shopping!


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