Terms of Service Through Covid-19 Restrictions


(in line with current Government Guidelines):

The terms below form an integral part of signing up to the membership or free trial with HIP HOP POP, please read, understand and agree by signing at the bottom of the free trial /sign up form ​


  • If you or someone in your household have any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend your in-person session. Drop Victoria a text on 07977 980106 to explain your non-attendance

  • If you or someone in your household have symptoms of COVID-19, get tested immediately, if your results are positive, please inform Track and Trace and us here at Hip Hop Pop immediately so we can take the necessary action to safeguard others. 

  • We will seek the recommendation of Track and Trace and the Playhouse team to establish which classes should be temporarily closed in-person, and who should isolate, should there be a positive test result from a student or member of their household, or someone who's entered the building with a member but from a different household.

  • TEMPORARY CLASS FORMAT THROUGH COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: Because of government social distancing guidelines our class sizes are vastly reduced,  therefore, for the time being we have split classes in to 2 groups, offering all students: 1 week in the studio and 1 week live via Zoom virtually, alternating each week. If you are a new member / free-trialler, your 1st class will be in-person in the studio, and then, if you wish to join, the following week will be live from your home via Zoom, then the week after you'll be back in studio and so on.

  • Sawbridgeworth Adult Classis temporarily being held at the Birchwood High School, until we have access to our normal venues without social distance restrictions OR when we've sourced a venue big enough (with availability) to accommodate for our split group sizes with social distancing in place.


  • The tutor in each class will be live on camera for the group that are not in studio to follow along at home via Zoom. The camera will be focused on the tutor however please note there may be occasions where in-person participants may come into shot in the camera and they will also be heard through the microphone. Note: we will be encouraging students in-person to say hi to their peers online verbally in each session.

  • Half termly mini performances are on hold for the age 3 to 5 classes until social distancing restrictions and limited numbers are removed

  • Current timetables are temporary. This allows for gaps between classes for safe drop off and collection of students in a one way system and time for us to clean the studio and public spaces between sessions. Normal timetable will resume as soon as restrictions are lifted following government guidelines. You can find links to normal timetables on the Harlow and Stortford pages.

  • If the Government retract their gradual lockdown release and reinstate restrictions on activities, we reserve the right to revert back to a fully online only service, and continue to charge for this service.

  • Pre-booking your free trial is mandatory, you will not be able to simply turn up ad-hoc for a free trial.

  • Please arrive for your sessions ready in your dance wear to avoid changing in the venue

  • Each class will be split into 2 groups as mentioned above. Groups will not be able to be swapped once set. This is to create 'bubbles' and therefore a safer environment with less mixing for all attendees.

  • Classes for students aged 3 to 5: Parents may be required to attend with their children to help keep safe social distancing. You will be notified of this in advance of the class.

Drop off & Collection (Harlow)

  • Parents/guardians & students are to wait outside the building, and will be bought into the foyer 2 minutes before their class time to sign in and go straight into the studio/theatre

  • Parents /guardians can either use the Playhouse Café on level 1, or leave the building completely until collection time, no waiting in the foyer is allowed - as per Playhouse's own guidance.


  • Students under 16 are in the care of their parent/guardian until the moment they sign in for their class at the desk


  • Collection of students will be in the Playhouse yard, where social distancing measures can take place, for the safety of everybody, enabling us to create a one-way system. The yard is at the back of the Playhouse theatre, accessible by walking down the right hand side of the theatre and waiting at the black gate.  As soon as the class ends 2 members of our staff will bring the children to the yard gate for collection. Should there be wet weather we will keep the children under shelter in the yard and open the gate for parents/guardians to collect children from the sheltered area.

  • Collection MUST be on time, as staff numbers will be smaller due to having to keep our numbers low to help with social distancing The Hip Hop Pop staff member that will be waiting with children to be collected will need to get back in to the studio for the next class before it starts, so please kindly be on time to collect children.

  • If your child is under 16 and you wish for them to leave unchaperoned from classes, a signed note by said parent/guardian must be given in to tutor or desk staff before the class (at registration) by the parent/guardian.


  • Please wear a mask when you are around others to protect each other as much as possible


  • Please try and use an alternative toilet (ideally not at the theatre) before entering the studio


  • Please limit the amount of people you bring to the venue where possible (other than the students themselves of course), during drop off and collection times. If you come into the building with a member of another household, they are required to leave their contact name and number for the purposes of preventing the spread of the virus and contacting anyone who's been in contact. Your data will be looked after in accordance with our privacy policy

Drop off & Collection (Stortford)

  • Details to follow, but please take the above (Harlow) instructions as a guide. There will be a one-way system which everyone must adhere to, no waiting area for parents in doors

In Class

  • Masks do not need to be worn in the studio however you can wear them if you wish and can do so safely and at your own risk, assuming you have no medical reason why masks would be a hinderance, such as asthma.


  • A square will be marked out for each student, that space will be theirs and theirs only in their class time. The size of the square will be determined by government guidelines - which as it stands will be 2m between each dancer. In some venues a X will mark a dancers position that they must dance on.


  • Masks, sanitiser gel, wipes, soap will be provided for each class for use when and where needed


  • Coats and drinks are to be kept in your marked out area only, please limit what you bring with you into the studio, a drink and a jacket is fine


  • Only one person to use the toilet at a time, under 16's will be chaperoned (socially distanced) by a Hip Hop Pop assistant, soap/hand sanitiser gel is to be used. Assistant will wipe down handles and tap with anti-bac after each use.


  • If the floor is touched at any point during a class hands are to be wash using soap/hand sanitiser gel immediately after.


  • For every class there will be a first aid appointed person & safeguarding officer


  • If a first aid situation was to present itself, this will be dealt with by either Jennifer Bater-Sinclair, Alisha Margetson or Victoria Bater-Sinclair, or a suitably qualified replacement staff member, and all first aiders are to wear masks and gloves when treating a student.