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For parents and students:

As some clubs begin to re-open, you can book your places here, details on dates and times are on the letters you received or check out the club details right here. Already booked? Need to make a balance payment? Click Here

For Heads and teachers:

We're currently offering innovative solutions for COVID-19 safe workshops in person, interactive virtually or even streamable on a schedule that suits you!

Street dance clubs in primary schools and bespoke street dance workshops in schools, Hip Hop Pop offers fun, authentic, and engaging primary and secondary school activities



"Our daughter has completely fallen in love with hip hop. She looks forward to her lesson every week and then spends the rest of the evening showing us her dance moves! Great class and fantastic teacher"

Ashley - parent of after school club student


"The most organised and professional after school club provider that we've had"

Headteacher - Hurst Drive School

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Here’s 3 practical solutions for you and your students that will get them mentally and physically fit post-lockdown, in an accessible and exciting way!


For Heads and teachers:


Hip Hop Pop are an award-winning dance education company with nearly 20 years of experience in training budding dancers of all ages and abilities, from 3 to adult, in street dance. Our street dance workshops in schools are the perfect option for primary and secondary heads and tutors who are looking for additional and specialist performing arts or sports content and resources for their students. 

If you're not after a workshop and are looking to add one of our extremely popular street dance school clubs to your school, contact our co-ordinator Jenny today via, she will be happy to chat with you and handle all the details. Did you know your school is able to earn 10% of the fees?




Our workshop content is carefully devised by Hip Hop Pop's company director, who is one of the top 5% of qualified street dance tutors in the UK. At Hip Hop Pop we understand the importance of building children's confidence. How do we do that? We deliver fun, engaging, educational activities in manageable, achievable portions. Students then grow more relaxed, more confident and more open to learn as we deliver each piece of the carefully mapped out session, and see students relishing in the joy of their achievements.


We use a multitude of teaching techniques to engage all types of learners in the VARK model throughout our sessions. Our tutors encourage, inspire and excite. All students achievements are celebrated. It's our mission not only to educate but to create memories

We deliver dance workshops for schools in the main street dance styles including hip hop, house, locking and breaking. We can create a workshop for your school in any of these styles or as an introduction to street dance in general. We are flexible and work with you to achieve your objectives



  • 18 years experience​

  • Workshop content is created by one of the top 5% of tutors in the UK

  • 5 star reviews from school heads, tutors, parents and students

  • We specialise in our field, our depth of knowledge in street dance and it's origins sets us apart from other more generalised offerings

  • All of our staff are DBS checked, insured, first aid trained, safeguarding trained, experienced tutors and have all performed professionally too

  • We're passionate about authenticity in street dance education

  • The press named us the "THE BEST in area and arguably one of the best in the country"

  • 30+ schools trust in us to deliver street dance classes every week to their students.

  • We have trained over 20'000 students to date, some of whom have gone on to dance professionally in the west end and on TV

  • We love what we do! 


Frequently Asked Questions about our


Which year groups are your street dance workshops suitable for?

Our dance workshops are accessible for all year groups: reception to year 13. Our most popular year groups for dance workshops are year 1 to year 6, but we can create engaging workshops suited to any age and level.


How long are your street dance workshops for schools?

Our dance workshops are what ever length you need them to be to fit your objectives. Our most popular workshops are 1 hour per class / year group as introduction to street dance. Or a full week of workshops working towards a performance piece or larger objectives.

How many students can take part in a workshop?

We recommend no more than 35 at a time to ensure each student gets the attention they deserve. However we can accommodate larger groups and add additional teaching staff from our team. 

Do you offer additional secondary or primary school dance resources?

Yes we certainly can. Dependant on your objective, we can provide you with pre and post workshop activities and documents to support students learning and provide teachers with access to deeper knowledge.  

Are your dance workshops suitable for use with the Primary Schools PE and Sport Premium?

Absolutely! These sessions certainly meet the criteria for the premium: They benefit primary aged students, they diversify your PE education, they are 'cool' and fun for the children therefore encouraging full participation, and most importantly they encourage development of healthy active lifestyles.

Is dance good for students mental wellbeing as well as physical?

100%, here's 5 reasons why street dance improves mental wellbeing:


1. Dance improves memory 

Dance encourages new neural connection to be made, keeping memory functioning at it’s best! 


2. Dance activates the brains reward centres 

You can get those feel-good endorphins jumping with any heart-pumping activity, but dance has a whole extra 

benefit: studies show that music and dance is primal, they naturally activate the reward centres in the brain. 


3. Dance makes you more intelligent 

Intelligence is essentially decision making. To improve intelligence you can do activities that require rapid decision making such a dance: Which way to step? What texture to use? What count does that go on? 


4. Dance reduces stress and anxiety 

Calming anxiety can be tough, yet calm can come from feel-good distractions such as dance. Plus, music can be a 

soothing addition too. When we dance, tension releases rather than continuing to build. 


5. Dance increases your confidence 

Dance is a perfect example of how children can learn how practice pays off. Through initial instruction, 

then encouragement to try themselves, it can lead to them seeing themselves capable of accomplishing challenging things. A sense of accomplishment = increased confidence. 


How much do your dance workshops in schools cost?

Each workshop is different, that's because we tailor them to suit your exact needs and objectives, our minimum booking fee is £150. Contact us for a quote for your needs

How can I book a dance workshop for my school, how long is the wait for availability?

Simply click the red button below, which will allow you to email our company director to make an enquiry. Tell us your objective and any other detail you can and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. As for availability, our workshops are popular, so the sooner you can get in touch the better, we offer workshops on a first-come-first-served basis.

I'd like to get one of your street dance school clubs at my school, how can I go about that?

Excellent, you can contact our coordinator, Jenny, at, she will be happy to chat with you and handle all the details for you. Did you know you are able to earn 10% of our club fees for your school?

We can't wait to hear from you

Victoria - Director - Hip Hop Pop Schools Clubs Ltd

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