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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Primary school dance lesson plans and the perfect streamable solution for teaching PE lessons

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


Primary school dance lesson plans done for you, and you don't have to deliver the lessons either, we will - and we'd love to!

Are you a teacher, head teacher or PE leader of a primary school trying to keep your students healthy and active all whilst trying to ensure what you offer is engaging, educational and most of all safe during the COVID 19 pandemic? Yes? Well our streamable street dance classes can help here at Hip Hop Pop.

We are excited to share with you our knowledge and passion for street dance in achievable 6 lesson blocks (courses) that everyone can enjoy:

  • Lessons can be streamed or downloaded, whatever best suits your school

  • Each lesson lasts 45 to 60 minutes and will engage your students from start to finish

  • Perfectly 'cool' for KS2 students

  • Teachers resources included - Lesson plans, slides and quizzes!

  • Each video runs perfectly as a full lesson, allowing the class teacher to simply chaperone the session without the added workload of lesson prepping!

  • Each lesson comprises of street dance history and theory time - taught in a fun exciting way, practical time - the physical learning of the movement, and creative time - allowing your students to express themselves and show off what they've learnt

  • Plus - Your students will receive one of our in-house certificates for their achievement if they participate in the full 6 week course

  • Everything is in 1 place - A dedicated webpage for each course puts the lesson content and resources at your fingertips in a click of a button


Teaching dance in primary schools has never been easier

We've launched our first two, 6 lesson courses, focusing on 'hip hop' and we'd love to share them with your school. Teaching dance in primary schools has never been easier! Here's the low down of what your students will achieve by the end of course 1:

"By the end of the course, your students will understand what street dance is, what hip hop is, how to stand, bounce, rock and ultimately dance like a hip hop dancer, all whilst learning the skills to be able to create their own simple hip hop choreography to the musicality of a song"

  • Perfect for looking after both the mental and physical wellbeing of students

  • Perfect for diversifying your PE lessons

  • Meets criteria for PE & Sports Premium budgets

  • Perfect for boys and girls

With almost 20 years experience teaching street dance, and content created by one of the top 5% of street dance tutors in the UK, you can put your trust in our street dance services




Get your school access today!


It's not just streamable lessons we offer: Did you know you can choose between 3 formats of delivery?

  • Streamable pre-recorded lessons

  • Live Zoom interactive lessons

  • In person socially distanced / COVID-19 protected lessons (this option is only available within 20 mile radius of Harlow)


Find out more information on our other Post Lockdown Solutions For Primary Schools

Thanks for your time reading this post, we hope to work with your school very soon!


Director - Hip Hop Pop


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