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T's & C's - JOINING


The terms below form an integral part of signing up to the membership with HIP HOP POP, please read, understand and agree by signing at the bottom of the joining form ​

1. I am aware of and understand the potential risks and dangers associated with physical activity including the use of equipment and I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the risks and dangers involved. ​


2. To the best of my knowledge I know of no reason why I should not participate in any of the classes and activities at Hip Hop Pop. I hereby declare myself free of any condition, disease, impairment, infirmity or illness that may affect my participation. I agree to inform a member of staff and where appropriate provide written consent from my doctor should such a condition arise, before continuing with any activity ​


3. I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the activities and classes and other related issues at Hip Hop Pop, and any questions I have asked have been answered to my satisfaction. ​


4. Hip Hop Pop accepts no liability for my death, injury or illness resulting from my failure to disclose any relevant medical impairment or condition or from my misuse of Hip Hop Pop’s facilities. ​


5. Hip Hop Pop takes no responsibility for items lost at their premises or third party premises although Hip Hop Pop will endeavour to help you recover such lost items. ​


6. I hereby give Hip Hop Pop permission to use photographs and video clips of the named student taking part in classes and activities at Hip Hop Pop for publicity channels including website, social media, posters and flyers etc. ​​


7. I hereby agree to follow activity instructions by class leaders strictly to ensure correct techniques are used to avoid injury. ​​​


8. Hip Hop Pop Ltd, will look after your data with due care in accordance with GDPR 2018 and Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. See here for our full Privacy Policy


9. We may require further information regarding any medical conditions (including where it's kept, how to and when to administer and/or an action plan) and it is your/the parents/guardians responsibility to bring the medication that may be required during any activity with Hip Hop Pop.


10. Hip Hop Pop will not be held liable, should a student of any age be sent to / come to class without the correct medication (for the safety of all students, we must stress how important it is to bring required medication to all sessions).

11. Under 16's are the responsibility, and in the care of, the parent/guardian until the moment the student steps inside the dance studio, at which point we take responsibility for their wellbeing. At the end of a session when students are released form the studio, parents and guardians are required to collect students on time.  Staff members will be at the front doors of the venue(s) (or at yard gate one-way system during our limited service period through COVIS-19 restrictions) to stop any under 16's leaving unchaperoned, . Once again please ensure you are on time to collect students.

12. If your child is under 16 and you wish for them to leave unchaperoned from classes, a signed note by said parent/guardian must be given in to tutor or desk staff before the class (at registration) by the parent/guardian.

13. Hip Hop Pop take no responsibility for bank charges incurred by direct debit bouncing or customers account going over drawn

​14. I understand Hip Hop Pop will be using respected third party company - GoCardless to collect the direct debit.

​15. I understand family rate applies to direct family: Mums, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. Not aunties uncles cousins or other.

16. You are signing up to a 1 month membership, you must inform us in writing or by email if you wish to cancel your membership - with 1 months notice

17. Each monthly payment covers the coming months classes

18. Payments must be made every month, even when classes are closed - the fee is calculated to take into account closed weeks then the cost of the weeks we are open are split over the 12 months.

19. Payments must be made on time, should a payment fail, it will be retried up to a maximum of 4 times. Please be aware if payment isn't made within 1 month / no alternative payment method is made, we have the right to cancel your membership.

20. We do not accept cash or cheque payments for monthly memberships

​21. If you miss a class due to illness or holiday, please do get in touch to see if there's an alternative class you can attend that week. Missed classes cannot be 'saved up', you can only attend an alternatively class within 1 week of your missed class

22. Membership grants you access to exclusive offers from our Perk Partners - these are subject to availability and terms set out by our partners, a current list of active partners will be listed on our website at all times. 

23. All offers subject to availability

24. ​Membership card must be shown to access offers.

​25. I understand that lessons are taught by a team of tutors and no one individual tutor should be expected every week. However HHP will endeavour to provide a 'regular' tutor to each class

26. The following is not tolerated at Hip Hop Pop: bullying of any kind, disregard of the tutors or staff instruction, unsafe behaviour, explicit language, a lack of support for peers.

27. We reserve the right to refuse you access to the class in the case of no payment, intolerable behaviour or if we feel the need to keep you or others safe from an incident.

28. We operate a 2 strike rule to unaccepted behaviour. 1 warning then class exclusion on second action.

29. No jewellery to be worn in class, no chewing gum, and only bottled drinks allowed in the studio, ideally just water to be brought into the studio.

30. Suitable clothing and footwear to be worn in class.

31. We guarantee a minimum of 38 weeks (excluding force Majeure events - see below) of classes over a year (calculated from Jan to Dec). We however aim to be open for 40 weeks a year.

32.  There will be no refunds for any cancelled or missed classes due to a Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure refers to any event beyond our reasonable control including and without limitation, acts of God, interruption of power or other utility, acts of civil, government or military authority, national emergencies, explosion, flood, accident, earthquake or other catastrophe, fire, notifiable disease, war or riot. We will endeavour to offer alternative services should such Force Majeure events last longer than 2 weeks.

33. If you or someone in your household have any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend your in-person session. Drop Victoria a text on 07977 980106 to explain your non-attendance

34. We reserve the right to revert to TEMPORARY CLASS FORMAT THROUGH COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: Because of possible government social distancing guidelines our class sizes are can be reduced,  therefore, wewill  split classes in to 2 groups, offering all students: 1 week in the studio and 1 week live via Zoom virtually, alternating each week. If you are a new member / free-trialler, your 1st class will be in-person in the studio, and then, if you wish to join, the following week will be live from your home via Zoom, then the week after you'll be back in studio and so on.

35. We reserve the right to revert to a FULLY ONLINE-ONLY SERVICE if nationwide or even local lockdown occurs due to COVID -19. We also reserve this right if staff members test positive for COV~ID and are unable to attend studio and no cover staff are available. 

36. We reserve the right to ask those eleigable to wear a face mask at our venues should Goverentment advise.

37. We reserve the right to alter you Direct Debit membership amount, but only with prior notice to you by email or text. Note: This would only be to reduce your direct debit membership fee if we were to revert to online only or to increase to new prices when we make small relevant incremental changes. Next change estimate: Spring 2022. 

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