We are OPEN 7th Sep to 20th Dec 2020*

*However we close for the following 3 weeks in line with school breaks:

26th Oct to 1st Nov - Closed for half term

21st Dec to 3rd Jan - Close for Christmas Break

Classes re-open after Christmas from 4th January.

Further calendar dates to come soon...


How is my membership calculated?

We open inline with the school holiday's mostly, this means we open 40 weeks of the year. We calculate the cost of you membership by totalling 40 classes (£6 - 30 min classes, £7 - 45 minute classes and £8 - 1 hour classes), and split that equally over 12 monthly payments to make it easier, more affordable and consistent for our members.

You close in some of the school holidays, am I paying for these closed weeks?

Certainly not! Your membership is calculated by totalling the cost of ONLY the weeks we are open, then divide that by 12 equal monthly payments. So therefore you do not pay for the 12 weeks a year we close.