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6 Delighted Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners at Hip Hop Pop

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Congratulations are once again in order for 6 Hip Hop Pop students who are our latest Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards Scheme winners.

photo of-the-jack-petchey-achievement-award-scheme-winners

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme allows Hip Hop Pop to award 9 amazing students (aged 11 to 25) each year for their achievements. We are excited to announce the first 6, of the 9 winners of these awards for the year 2022:


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:


Maya absorbs information and moves like a sponge. Maya isn't afraid to speak up when she wants to understand a move deeper, asking her tutors questions to help her improve, this enthusiasm sets a great example for her peers. She is becoming stronger and stronger a tree of street dance knowledge and skills each and every week, keep up the great work Maya.”


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:


"Darcy grasps the 'groove' of moves with precision. Darcy can go deep into a movement, understand it, deliver it and look awesome doing it. Her skills improve at a very fast rate, this is due to her passion for dance and hard work mentally and physically in classes and other sessions. Well done Darcy."


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:


"Grace's skill improvement is consistent and fast, this is due to her determination to master steps and the practice she puts in. Grace performed with Hip Hop Pop for the 1st time earlier this year and since then has pushed herself even harder to prove to be a future candidate for advanced classes. Well done Grace."


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:


"Daisy is a natural performer, she has taken on lead roles in dances of recent and given her all in making the character come to life. She is always well practised and rehearsed for sessions and a great role model for her peers."


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:


"Chloe has proven to be a great role model for her peers, her confidence appears to have grown, she is continually enthusiastic and full-out in sessions, and helpful to her peers. She always works hard to nail new moves and thrives when working in pairs and small groups, taking time to listen to others in her group as well as giving her opinion and ideas into the mix, a great combination."


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:


"Summer's confidence in class has grown enormously over the past 2 months, she has proven herself to be worthy of a place in the advanced class and takes that opportunity seriously - works super, super hard in that class and clearly practices in her own time too as she is always prepared for sessions/rehearsals. Well done summer - keep up the great work!"


Thanks to these awesome winners, the Jack Petchey Foundation funded a combination of guest tutors, event equipment, uniforms and skilled professionals. Thank you JPF from all of us at Hip Hop Pop!

A massive well done from all of us at Hip Hop Pop, to our first 6 Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winners this year: Chloe, Daisy, Darcy, Grace, Maya and Summer, continue to work hard, inspire and acheieve great things. These winners will be collecting their medallions live on stage next year. The next 3 achievement awards will be announced from September to December 2022.

Thanks for reading, feel free to spread the good vibes and celebrate these winners by sharing this post.

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop

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