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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

'Return Of The Rucksack' in 360°

We're thrilled to announce the release of our newest 360° street dance video, featuring the sensational talents of our Tuesday teenagers class, set to the infectious rhythm of "Return of the Rucksack" by Stormzy.


What sets this project apart is not only the dedication and hard work of our talented students but also the visionary choreography of the incredibly gifted Alisha Margetson. Alisha's ability to meld creativity with precision has once again brought forth a performance that's both captivating and dynamic.

Alisha (choreographer) said: "I had the BEST time, the team worked really hard! The dance is about wanting what's in the rucksack and Will Pite plays the 'protector' of it, I hope everyone enjoys it!"


But it's not just about the dance—it's about the experience. With our 360° video format, viewers are invited to step into the heart of the action and become a part of the performance. Unlike traditional videos where the perspective is fixed, 360° videos allow you to control the viewpoint, giving you the freedom to explore every angle of the dance floor. Whether you want to focus on the intricate footwork of the lead dancer or immerse yourself in the energy of the entire group, the choice is yours.

Imagine being surrounded by the energy of the dancers, feeling the pulse of the music reverberate through your veins—it's an interactive experience like no other. With just a swipe of your finger or a tilt of your device, you can spin, zoom, and pan around the scene, discovering new details with each movement. It's as if you're right there in the theatre, sharing the same space as our talented performers.

Are you viewing on a mobile phone 📲 ?

Open this video in YouTube App on your phone, simply by tapping the title of the video once it starts and move your phone around to immerse yourself in the video and view dancers all around you!

Are you watching on a computer 💻 ?

Drag around the immerse yourself in the video and view dancers all around you!

A big thank you to the Jack Petchey Foundation for funding HHP to purchase the 360 camera, accessories and choreographers time. Well done and a huge thank you to members of the teen's class and Alisha Margetson. Thank you for being a part of our dance community, and we can't wait to hear what you think of our new video.

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop

Oh and if you don't have the YouTube App or access to the YouTube desktop website - you can watch (a less interactive, but still super-cool version of) the video on Facebook or Instagram


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