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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

6 students receive Jack Petchey Achievement Awards at Hip Hop Pop. Plus, Who is Jack Petchey?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Congratulations and celebrations are in order for 6 Hip Hop Pop students who have been recognised for their individual achievements at Hip Hop Pop, all thanks to the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards Scheme.

(Find out more detail about the Award Scheme at the bottom of this page)

In brief the Achievement Award Scheme - of which we are Gold Members at Hip Hop Pop - allow us to award 9 students (aged 11 to 25) a year for personal achievements at our dance school. In return the Jack Petchey Foundation provides funds to help us offer activities, trips, equipment and more at Hip Hop Pop that benefits young people (aged 11-25). With the guidance of others nominations and suggestions, we are excited to publicly announce the first 6 of 9 winners of these awards for the year 2020:

Here are our Winners, in no particular order, all equal winners of the awards:

Darcie Caines - Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner at Hip Hip Pop Dance School

Winner 1: Darcie Caines

(age 24)

Darcie, member for the last year and a half, has put her whole self into learning new styles. However specifically in 'Locking' she has made huge progress, showing herself and her peers how learning a new style in your 20's is 100% do able - Darcie's passion for dance deserves awarding

Lauren Bradley - Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner at Hip Hip Pop Dance School

Winner 2: Lauren Bradley