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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Let's Celebrate These Jack Petchey Award Winners at Hip Hop Pop

It's time to celebrate 7 remarkable people at Hip Hop Pop, who have been recognised as Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award and Leader Award winners.


The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme enables Hip Hop Pop to recognise and reward nine exceptional young people, and one exceptional leader annually for their accomplishments. We are thrilled to reveal the first 6 students and leader who are some of this year's winners.

Jack Petchey Leader Award Winner:



Jaz has become an invaluable asset to the children's classes, consistently demonstrating her unwavering dedication and genuine care for the students. Her presence is a source of comfort and inspiration to the students, as she exudes patience and kindness in every interaction.


Jaz's commitment goes above and beyond mere assistance; she invests her time and effort willingly, volunteering two nights a week without fail. Her impact is palpable, fostering an environment where children feel supported and encouraged to learn and grow. She is adored by students, embodying the essence of a true mentor and assistant leader."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner:



"Milan's kindness towards his peers shines brightly in the studio, where he fosters an atmosphere of support. His enthusiasm for learning is palpable, as he eagerly positions himself at the front of the class, ready to absorb every lesson with keen interest. What truly sets Milan apart is his wholehearted dedication to his learning journey. He approaches each lesson with unwavering determination, throwing himself into the material with passion. Milan's combination of kindness, eagerness to learn, and wholehearted commitment makes him not only a standout student but also a cherished member of the class community."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner:



"Joshua's determination to master every step is truly inspiring, and it's clear that his commitment never wavers. Recently, his dedication has paid off, evident in the noticeable improvements in his performance. However, what truly sets Joshua apart is not just his individual progress, but also his role as a team player and a role model to his peers. He embodies the spirit of collaboration and support, always willing to lend a helping hand or offer encouragement to others. His positive attitude and strong work ethic set a shining example for everyone around him, making him not just a standout performer, but also a valued member of the team."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner:



"Ryan's progress has been nothing short of impressive, largely thanks to his exceptional focus and receptiveness to instruction. His ability to absorb feedback and apply it swiftly has resulted in remarkable improvements within a short span. Recently, blending this skill with his natural performance abilities, Ryan has reached new levels of proficiency. It's evident that he's truly leveling up, demonstrating not only technical proficiency but also a heightened sense of artistry and expression. It's exciting to witness his growth and the promising trajectory he's on, modelling a great example for his peers."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner:



"Shayla's reintegration into her training regimen is marked by an impressive display of commitment and focus. Demonstrating a resolute determination, she has invested herself fully, exerting 110% effort in every aspect of her training endeavors. As a result of her unwavering dedication, Shayla has exhibited notable and rapid improvement, setting a commendable standard for her peers to emulate. Her disciplined approach serves as a beacon of inspiration within the training cohort, illustrating the profound impact of steadfast commitment on personal growth and achievement. Shayla's exemplary performance underscores the importance of diligence and perseverance, serving as a catalyst for enhanced motivation and performance among her peers."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner:



"Justice embodies the epitome of dedication within our group, his unwavering commitment evident in every training session. With an unparalleled work ethic, he approaches each session with a determination that inspires us all. What sets Justice apart is his remarkable ability to retain and apply every detail taught to him, from the intricacies of techniques to the names of each move. His mind serves as a repository of knowledge, meticulously cataloging every piece of information shared during our training. Yet, it's not just his memory that impresses, but his tireless effort and unwavering focus. Justice never settles for mediocrity; instead, he pushes himself to give his all, pouring 100% of his energy and dedication into every drill, every exercise, and every session. In Justice, we find not just a fellow member, but a shining example to his peers of what dedication and hard work can achieve."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winner:



"Sophia's presence in the studio is like a breath of fresh air, radiating energy and happiness wherever she goes. Her enthusiasm is contagious, uplifting the spirits of everyone around her. What truly sets Sophia apart is her unwavering commitment to her dance sessions. With every step, she applies herself wholeheartedly, giving nothing less than her best. Moreover, it's evident that her dedication is paying off as she continues to improve in leaps and bounds, showcasing remarkable progress with each session. Sophia's combination of passion, supportiveness to peers, and rapid improvement makes her a cherished member of the studio, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and growth."


Thanks to these fantastic champions, the Jack Petchey Foundation has funded specialist tutors, props, studios, music production and more. A big thank you to the JPF from everyone here at Hip Hop Pop!

A huge congratulations from all of us at Hip Hop Pop to our 7 winners, who continue to demonstrate hard work, inspire others, and accomplish remarkable feats. These winners will be presented with their medallions live on stage in June. The next three achievement awards will be announced from September to December 2024.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share this post and join in celebrating these winners.

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop


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