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This page has everything that's happening at Hip Hop Pop in one place; online projects, awards, events, achievements, celebrations and more dance school news, plus... we go deep into subjects associated with street dance facts


Find out why street dance and mental health go together, how we made a world 1st in street dance, why Hip Hop Pop is a safe place for members of the LGBT+ community, and how screen time affects our health, and how active screen time in activities like our dance classes can have positive effects on your wellbeing. Why street dance isn't the same as hip hop directly and many many more street dance facts and associated subjects.

Our Dance School News page has all the street dance facts you'll need. Most of our articles are 10 minute reads or less. We get to the point, and give you all the key information you'll want.


This page features are our latest news stories, with the most recent at the top. Feel free to give a story a 'like' or a 'pin' or even share it on your social pages. Spread the love for Hip Hop Pop.

Got a story or project for Hip Hop Pop you think is worthy of our love and attention? 


We're always open to ideas at Hip Hop Pop, and we love a challenge and love chatting all things 'street dance facts'! Send it our way to or use our contact form.

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