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Hip Hop Pop boasts 2 extremely popular dance schools, offering street dance classes: Our Harlow Dance School and our Bishops Stortford Dance School. 

"The BEST dance school in the area, and arguably one of the BEST in the country"

said the press

Hip Hop Pop are an award-winning dance school, we have been leading the way in street dance classes in Harlow and Bishops Stortford for more than 20 years. More than 20'000 aspiring street dancers; children, teens and adults alike, have put their trust in our street dance classes.

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"This is not just a dance school in Harlow, this is a community. The directors of Hip Hop Pop are two of the kindest, talented and most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It does not matter your level of technical ability, this school fosters team work, social skills, pride, confidence and resilience in all of its students. I can honestly say they're supportive of all their students regardless of age, gender, race and other discriminatory factors which plague society.

Nicole - Student : street dance classes in Harlow since 2014 (Google Review)







We train students of all ages and levels. From age 18 months we begin teaching basic movement, improving motor skills and understanding rhythm, and continue our education right up to classes that train professional-level advanced adult dancers, growing their foundational knowledge and delivering choreography with depth. We have a street dance class for everyone!

Plus, students of all ages and levels are given countless opportunities to perform on stage, take workshops with guest tutors from around the world and take part in online dance video projects, we're not just a dance class, we're a membership to a dance school with unlimited dance and performance possibilities.

If you want a straight-up no 'fluff' dance school, with REAL street dance in an encouraging environment then look no further than Hip Hop Pop. We're an awarding winning dance school, whom the press claim to be 'one of the best in the country', our founder and head tutor is one of the top 5% of qualified tutors in the UK, and students stay, some for 10 years+ because we are more than just a street dance class, we are a street dance family at Hip Hop Pop.


"In my opinion Hip Hop Pop are the best dance school in the area... and Essex, offering a place where children and adults can flourish and grow. The teachers are inspirational. All led by an amazing duo, they create a fun friendly vibe through all classes. Try it! From age 3 to 103, you won't be disappointed."

Tracy - parent of student: street dance classes in Harlow (Google Review)

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Don't let anyone tell you different!




Hip Hop Pop Dance Schools in Harlow and Bishops Stortford welcome everybody; equality and accessibility in opportunity is at the forefront of everything we doAn adult student at our Harlow Dance School, Nicole said this (re our Street Dance Classes):

"I can honestly say they're supportive of all their students regardless of age, gender, race and other discriminatory factors which plague society."

We are also proud to be a dance school where members of the LGBT+ community can feel safe to attend classes where they can learn in a place of equality and no judgement. Did you know Hip Hop Pop adult team have proudly supported and performed for Essex Pride for the last 7 years too?

All ages are welcome at our Street dance classes in Harlow and Bishops Stortford. You can learn street dance with us at Hip Hop Pop at any age from 18 months. If you're 100, you're welcome too! It's NEVER too late to join our dance schools, it's never too late to learn to dance, it's never too late to get fit, it's never to late to have fun at Hip Hop Pop in our classes! 


If you've read this far down this page, you're more than likely aware we offer 2 options to join our dance school. But let's recap just incase:


Firstly, you can join our street dance school in Harlow Essex, at the Harlow Playhouse Theatre, this is our head branch and our original branch of Hip Hop Pop dance school that opened in 2002 with just 8 members and 1 class, now we can say we've proudly trained over 20'000 dancers! At our Harlow dance school, we currently run 16 classes a week offering street dance classes to varying ages and levels. Hip Hop Pop are proudly a resident company of the theatre. 

Secondly, you can join our street dance school in Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire. Our Bishops Stortford street dance classes opened in 2015, now at All Saints School, and have been very popular ever since. We offer 4 different age group street dance classes a week. 


We know everyone has a different life-timetable, that's why at our street dance schools in Harlow and Bishops Stortford we offer classes on an array of days and times: Currently Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. 



Why? This is the big one! Why do you want to learn street dance with Hip Hop Pop? All you need to know is, to us, every 'why' counts! Forget the 'dance school' stigma.. the 'you've got to take dance seriously or don't do it', the 'dancers must be a certain size', the 'dance schools are full of dance mums'. NONE OF THAT EXISTS HERE! Phew! Thank goodness!


It doesn't matter if you want to join Hip Hop Pop's street dance classes to to become a professional or give you the foundations to progress to full time dance college. Or if you want to attend our dance schools to become an incredible dancer, yet use your skills as a hobby, or perhaps attend a class just for fun. Or whether you want to join our street dance classes to keep fit or meet new people. Whatever your reason - your reason counts! Our Street Dance Schools in Harlow and Bishops Stortford, are suitable for everyone, no matter what your reason or goal, you are all welcome to dance with us at Hip Hop Pop.





Our Director and head tutor Jenny, is one of the top 5% of qualified street dance tutors in the UK, who's superior depth of knowledge in street dance, especially hip hop dance foundations, sets Hip Hop Pop apart from its competitors, making Hip Hop Pop your first choice for Street Dance Classes in Harlow and Bishops Stortford.

We bet, at least one of these questions below applies to you, but which one?

  • Are you a Street Dance beginner, wondering where to begin to learn?

  • Are you wondering where you can attend a Street Dance class without judgement?

  • Perhaps you're a parent looking for a safe, fun and educational kids dance class for your child to grow?

  • Are you looking for awesome Hip Hop dance classes for your kids?

  • Have you tried Street Dancing classes before and want to progress?

  • Do you want to grow your general confidence and your performance ability?

  • Do you want to learn great dance routines, whilst growing long-term dance skills at the same time?

  • Do you feel your knowledge of Street Dance foundations is limited?

  • Are you asking yourself what's a 'street dance foundation'?

  • Do you want get fitter, all whilst learning new dance steps?

  • Do you love hip hop music and want to come to a hip hop class?

  • Did you google "Hip Hop dance classes near me" and not know which one to choose? 

  • Or do you simply want to learn street dance for fun and to meet new people?

Answer YES to any of these?

Then you're in the right place!


"Love love love all the classes at Hip Hop Pop. It’s a friendly and welcoming atmosphere from Jen and Vic. Classes really get my passion, energy and motivation going while having a laugh and fun.

Jen helps us constantly improve on moves, techniques, history and names of all types of street dance. I would recommend anyone to give the classes a go from beginners to advanced and any age."

Siobhan - Adult student and parent of student attending our street dance classes in Harlow (Google Review)


"Hip Hop Pop is a fantastic dance school, and for me and my daughter we are so glad we found it.

Over the years my daughter has made some amazing friends, many of whom I’m sure she will stay in touch with for a long time and her dancing has come on leaps and bounds under the direction of directors Jen and Vic and the rest of the team.

I too have met many lovely people through chaperoning and we have both had the privilege of being part of the amazing Hip Hop Pop family"

Tracy M - Parent of student attending our dance classes at our Harlow Dance School (Facebook Review)


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