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Due to high demand for class spaces, you have 48 hours to secure your space after a free trial



What happens next after your free trial?

Find out how to join, why the membership offers so much more than just a dance class, and how to get your free gift upon joining.


"We are a lot more than just a dance class, we're a membership to a highly regarded, award winning dance school who are passionate about building confidence as well as growing skills in authentic street dance. We welcome new members of all ages to the Hip Hop Pop family to learn street dance in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment, I can't wait to meet you"

Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Director

Join in just 2 minutes with our easy-to-follow online instructions

1. Complete the online registration form (click the yellow button above)

2. Then you'll be asked to select your class age group

3. Finally, fill in your bank details on the Direct Debit form



When you attend your 1st class as a member, you'll receive your bottle and membership card too.


What are the benefits of joining us, other than street dance skills and building confidence?

  • Get your free HHP bottle upon joining

  • No long contracts or commitments, it's a rolling monthly membership

  • Uniform is not compulsory, making classes accessible for all, yet we offer lots of cool street dance wear, if you do wish to proudly wear the logo.

  • Your membership card grants you access to exclusive discounts with local shops and services, called our 'Perk Partners'

  • Your membership gets you discounts for our Easter and Summer 2 day street dance events

  • Opportunities to perform live on stage annually (for those age 6 to adult), or in mini in-studio performances for the little ones aged 5 and under (please note: shows temporarily on hold until covid-19 restrictions are lifted)

  • You are being taught by some of the best tutors in the UK, within the top 5% in fact, all of whom have performed professionally around the world.

  • and much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?

There are​ no long contracts, it's simply a rolling monthly membership via direct debit which grants you access to your class each week, as well as the other benefits listed above. If you change your mind at any point, only 1 months notice is required.

How is my membership calculated?

We open inline with the school holiday's mostly, this means we AIM to open 40 weeks of the year, however guarantee a minimum of 38 as per our terms and conditions.


We are a monthly subscription and if you wanted to work out how much a class is you would times your monthly fee by the 12 months of the year and then divid this by the weeks we are open that year to work out your class cost, for instance if this year we are open for 40 weeks and your month fee is £23.33 a month this would work out to be about £6.99 for a 45 minute class.


We find this method is easier to manage, more affordable and consistent for our members.

You close in some of the school holidays, am I paying for these closed weeks?

Certainly not! Your membership is calculated by totalling the cost of ONLY the weeks we are open, then divide that by 12 equal monthly payments. So therefore you do not pay for the weeks in the year that we close. 

How can I find out what weeks you close for school holidays?

We have an online calendar detailing our open and closed weeks. Take a look here.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do better than that, we offer a family discount. That applies to mums, dads, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and even grandparents! For example, Mum could attend the adult intermediate class, little Johnny might attend the age 4-5 class and older sister Julie might attend the age 11- 16 class, all 3 of them get the discounted rate! We call the discount our ‘FAMILY RATE’, each family member receives a £2pm discount. Select the 'FAMILY RATE' option when completing your sign up.

Got a Question?

Call us 07977 980106

Email Victoria 

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