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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

6 Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners so far in 2023 at Hip Hop Pop

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Congratulations are in order for yet another 6 Hip Hop Pop students who are our most recent Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards Scheme winners.


The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme allows Hip Hop Pop to award 9 deserving students (aged 11 to 25) each year for their achievements. We are excited to share with you 6 of 9 winners of these awards for the year 2023:

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:



Ananya is one of the most well-prepared and rehearsed students in her age group and was recently able to lead/front some routines in shows without the help of a tutor, a wonderful role model for her peers.

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:



"Sophie has really leveled up in the last few months, her energy is infectious, she supports her peers, and is a great role model in her class. Her attitude and improvement in skill have been widely noticed."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:



"Rebecca entered Hip Hop Pop with a bang, bringing energy and skills from previous training, however, what's been noticed most, is how humble she is in her approach to learning and keenness to improve, not only that, recently she has really integrated her self in the group, visually supporting her peers and has been asked to join the volunteer class assistant team. Her hard work is certainly paying off. "

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:



"Sophia is laser-focused in sessions, and super keen to improve. This shows in her leveling up of skills in each of her performances with the group, however, in her most recent performance, Sophia was front and center holding the stage during her Lite Feet number, and shone with confidence, a great team player too! "

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:



"Jayda is a positive energy in her group, she always gives 100% in her sessions and her efforts have equated more recently in skill improvement and bringing big charisma to her performances."

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winner:



"Destiny's confidence growth is clear for all to see, recently she looked the most confident I've/her peers have seen her on stage, bringing a great attitude mix of fun and energy to her performances and group, just like Sophia, Destiny is a great team player!


Thanks to these fabulous winners, the Jack Petchey Foundation funded a combination of guest tutors, studio space for community events, video platforms, and display equipment. Thank you JPF from all of us at Hip Hop Pop!

A massive well done from all of us at Hip Hop Pop, to our Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Winners so far this year: Ananya, Sophie, Rebecca, Sophia, Jayda and Destiny continue to work hard, inspire and achieve great things. These winners will be collecting their medallions live on stage next year. The next 3 achievement awards will be announced from September to December 2023.

Thanks for reading, feel free to spread the good vibes and celebrate these winners by sharing this post.

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop



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