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Hip Hop Pop dancers perform for Rosie McClelland On CBBC and YouTube

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hip Hop Pop dancers perform for Rosie McClelland on CBBC's Saturday Mash Up live show and also on YouTube in a dance tutorial, both to her single Handstand that's had nearly 10 million views on Youtube!


It was in early 2018 that our relationship with singer and influencer Rosie McClelland and her mum Danielle began. Our first project together on the Single 'Handstand' was a YouTube dance tutorial featuring young students: Amelia, Lily, Lucy, Lois, Taia and Teegan. Guest tutor at Hip Hop Pop and pro dancer, Kayleigh Dettmer, choreographed moves for YouTubers to learn to the track, working with both Rosie and the Hip Hop Pop dancers to create the tutorial video below.


Towards the end of 2018 Danilelle invited Hip Hop Pop to provide dancers for Rosie's performance live on Saturday Mash Up on CBBC of her single, Handstand. Of course we were happy to help, once again we brought Kayleigh Dettmer on board to re-block her choreography for the live event. We also recruited long standing members at Hip Hop Pop : Jade and Jaz, whom many young studnets know as their class assistants, to be the dancers on the show.

Jade, Jaz and of course Rosie, all did a fantastic performance on the Saturday morning show, watch it right here:

Here's 5 facts about Rosie McClelland for any readers that are new to Rosie and her music:

When is Rosie McClelland birthday?

Rosie was born on 7th September 2006, so at the time of the performances with our dancers she was 12.*

So how old is Rosie McClelland?

At the time of the performances with our dancers she was 12. At the time of the last edit of this post (27th November 2020), she's 14.*

Rosie McClelland Instagram:

Rosie McClelland YouTube:

Other Rosie McClelland Songs:







Queen For a Day

Put Your Hands Up


Due to a clash with other events in our busy 2018/2019 Hip Hop Pop diary we were unable to perform at a couple of following events with Rosie, but we look forward to working with Rosie again in the future, do give her socials a 'follow'!

Want to purchase 'Handstand'? Grab your copy here:

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Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop




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