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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Hip Hop Pop deliver new video to Lady Leshurr's Quarantine Speech in #QuarantineSpeechChallenge

Updated: May 3, 2021


The Quarantine Speech video was put together during this current COVID-19 lockdown - actually it was all planned, choreographed, filmed and edited in just 36 hours (A lot more time on our hands than usual obviously). The video is choreographed by company director, Jenny Bater-Sinclair and features 35 dancers / students of Hip Hop Pop from age 13 to 38.

The reasons behind making the video were plentiful! At the forefront: After hearing Lady Leshurr Quarantine Speech, and that she's giving all the money made to the NHS, we knew we had to do something with it to help raise awareness and get some much needed funds to the NHS charities.

Equally, we had been planning to do a project to keep our dancers occupied during lockdown that they could be proud of and share if they wished. Our students dance with us online still every week, their resilience to the current pandemic is amazing, so we knew they would be up for the challenge!

The finishing "#WashDemHands" chorus during the lyrically-filed-Coronavirus-song; Quarantine Speech, is our favourite bit! Can you #WashDemHands like that? If you can, tag us in your videos!

Wonder how we made this video?

Here's the top 3 filming tips we used to make : Lady Leshurr Quarantine Speech #QuarantineSpeechChallenge by Hip Hop Pop


1. We slowed the music to half speed, the dancers performed their pieces in half speed too. Then, when it's edited together and sped up - all movements become crisp and sharp.

2. Jen filmed each piece of choreography in half speed to make it easier for the dancers to learn remotely.

3. Time and patience, putting 35 dancers together on screen and getting them all in sync takes time... and a lot of patience!

We hope you enjoy it! Give the blog or the video itself a 'heart' and share it with others if you did enjoy it!


Here it is, are you ready?!

Here's the Lady Leshurr Quarantine Speech #QuarantineSpeechChallenge video by Hip Hop Pop:

Remember this video was made just for fun and to raise awareness of the track and therefore NHS funds . We do not claim to own the rights to this track. @LadyLeshurr said this about her track 'Quarantine Speech'; "Money made will be donated to the NHS"

Thanks for reading and don't forget to WASH DEM HANDS!

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop


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