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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Residential homes for adults with learning disabilities dance to Lady Leshurr Quaranting

Updated: Jan 27, 2021


Residents at ROCCS residential homes for adults with learning disabilities and their friends, loved watching dancers at Hip Hop Pop perform in a dance video to Lady Leshurr's #QuarantineSpeech so much, that they wanted to have a go themselves! Thanks to care worker Mitch Presland and his family, they made this happen to Quaranting by Lady Leshurr!

The video dropped at 12pm on Tuesday 19th May, scroll down to the end of this blog to see it!

Mitch got in touch with Director Jenny here at Hip Hop Pop, and asked her to create the story board, instruction vids and edit the clips together to produce the final video. Here's some screen shots of the story board and instruction videos Jen sent to Mitch.


The residents were straight on it, and delivered all the clips within 24 hours to Jen! They enjoyed themselves immensely, and we think they absolutely smashed it! They look so cool (see video at the bottom)! Big thanks to all the residents and friends who took part. Some of the care workers and volunteers who helped the performers with their parts were: Mason Presland, Mitch Presland, Nicola Hopkins, Maria Walker and Louise Friend. Mitch and Mason also star in the video. 50 videos were made in total

Also shout out to Mark in this video who teaches YOU how to do their #quarantingchallenge dance steps. Can you do them? Let's make Mark's dance the official #quarantingchallenege dance! Everyone can do it, everyone can dance, give it a go!

Since this post was first published Lady Leshurr said "Absolutely heartwarming, genuinely brought tears to my eyes"


Hip Hop Pop's previous video to Lady Leehurr's track #QuarantineSpeech was shared by the artist Lady Leshurr herself and KissFM, with over 20K views across platforms and over 500 shares so far. We hope that this new #quarantingchallenge video will get even more love than the first!

Hip Hop Pop are proud to be a part of this project, and hope that this video and it's performers gets the recognition and love they deserve.

Director Jenny Bater-Sinclair said: "I may have handled the planning and editing, but the hard work and credit really goes to the performers, the carers, volunteers and the Presland family who have hearts of gold. Giving the residents a fun day dancing, fills my heart with joy. Our senior crew need to watch their backs ROCCS residents and friends are hot on their heels!"

We do not claim to own the rights to this song, used for fun only

Track Credit: Lady Leshurr Quaranting

So are you ready?

Here it is:

We hope you enjoy it, please kindly SUBSCRIBE to our channel too


Thanks for reading, spread the word!

Jenny - Director



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