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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Jack Petchey grant allows members age 11+ to chat and dance with BGT champions Twist and Pulse

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Thanks to the Jack Petchey Foundation's generous summer activity grant in celebration of their 21st birthday, members aged 11+ (age 11 to 25 is the age group the foundation focuses their support towards) were able to finish off our 'lockdown' classes with a 'twist' and a 'pulse'!


The Britains Got Talent Champions Twist and Pulse are favourites here at Hip Hop Pop, not only for their talents but for their humour, their down-to-earth-ness and how they inspire young dancers.

The Jack Petchey grant saw 40 students in that age range enjoy an hour street dance workshop via Zoom on Friday 4th September, where they learnt and enjoyed a challenging routine to the Chris Brown track: No Judgement (clean version of course), which the BGT duo said is their 'brand new' piece of choreo (at the time of the workshop), and it certainly got 'pulses' going!

The duo have delivered many workshops for Hip Hop Pop since their first appearance on BGT back in 2010, yet this time with a 'twist'! For the first time, members had the opportunity to virtually-meet the duo in a post-workshop Q & A. Armed with so many questions, students loved being able to ask their questions personally.


Here's some of the questions our members asked Twist and Pulse and the duo's answers (in brief):

Brad asked: "I was lucky enough or come to your live theatre tour back in February. You guys have a great friendship. How did you become friends?"

T&P answer in brief: In college at The Brit School in Croydon studying BTEC dance, the duo shared a love for music and dance

Shelley asked: "I saw you on tour last year but what’s next for Twist n Pulse, and will your you tube videos ever be brought to life on stage?"

T&P answer in brief: The duo said they'd to bring some of their videos to stage, in particular their Christmas Special. Next on the list is a new video though! Watch this space!

Alfie asked: "What are your best tips and advice for someone who wants to become a dancer?"

T&P answer in brief: Have fun! Work Hard!

A group of student's asked: "What inspired you to start dancing?"

T&P answer in brief: Wanting to dance like Michael Jackson! Seeing dance movies like Stomp the Yard and You Got Served, even watching friends in shows and being inspired to give it a try.

Jess asked: "How have your lives changed since winning BGT Champion of Champions?"

T&P answer in brief: Biggest change was the tour, having a sold out tour for a show that was theirs, a bucket list tick! The duo also told us about the 'hype' being in a different format back in 2010, where in 2010 the person 'hype' was fairly intense, now it is more online - more follows and views on videos.


Amelia asked: "What inspires you to start choreographing a new routine?"

T&P answer in brief: New projects, new songs, new sounds, new ways to 'move', sometimes even props inspire new movement

Amiee asked: "Is there anything that keeps you motivated to keep dancing?"

T&P answer in brief: New music and new sounds

Lauren and Lewis asked: "What’s your favourite dance move, and please can you show us?"

T&P answer in brief: Pulse showed off an impressive hand movement that can only be described as an illusion of long blades of grass in a strong breeze lol! Twist showed off his waving skills... whilst adding his own sound FX :)

Mason and Dylan asked: "How to do deal with your nerves before going on stage and how can you build your confidence?"

T&P answer in brief: The duo described a paragraph they say aloud together before they go on stage, kind of like a motivational set of affirmations that gets them focused pre-show. As for building confidence, Pulse recommended making dancing in-front of people, friends, family, a 'norm' and get used to it more

Ruby asked: "Would you rather..... Have a dog sellotaped to your back, or have cats for feet?"

T&P answer in brief: Dogs on back!

Morgan asked: "If you ever argue, who is the first to say sorry or to make amends ?"

T&P answer in brief: The duo admitted if there's something they don't agree on in terms of choreo or music, they scrap it, and they get over disagreements very quickly, letting it go.

Amy asked: "Whats the toughest part of the dance industry"

T&P answer in brief: Knowing how to take rejection, having drive and patience to push through. Also that it's not like a normal career in terms of worker-to-management progression, it's a job-for-job career.

Angelica asked: "How old where you when you started dancing?"

T&P answer in brief: Twist 13, Pulse, 10 or 11


Big thanks to the Jack Petchey Foundation and Twist and Pulse for an amazing evening

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop


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