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Stop Googling 'street dance classes for adults near me!' We've got you covered! Here at Hip Hop Pop we run extremely popular dance classes for adults at our Harlow Dance School and Bishops Stortford Dance School

Even if we're not super close to you, we're well worth the trip! Here's what some of our adult members and supporters say about us*:

Everyone is welcome at our adult street dance lessons:

  • Are you looking for something fun to do?

  • Are you an experienced dancer and looking to level up?

  • Are you looking for a dance class to learn great routines and choreography?

  • Are you looking to make new friends / start a hobby?

  • Are you wanting to get fit physically and mentally?

  • Are you interested in why so many people love our street dance classes for adults?​


Did you answer YES to any of the above questions? These are just some of the reasons why students love our adult street dance classes, but as we said before, no matter your reason, everyone is welcome.

Have you been googling 'hip hop dance classes for adults near me' instead?


We definitely have you covered! We teach street dance here at Hip Hop Pop which is an umbrella term for many vernacular styles including hip hop, house, locking, popping, krump, breaking, and more. Hip Hop is the street dance style we specialise in and included in the majority of our lessons.


After attending just 4 classes with us you'll be:

  • Feeling more confident to try new things

  • Feeling welcomed and part of our Hip Hop Pop family

  • Equipped with some new steps or fine-tuned technique

  • Excited about the choreography you've learned

As a class member, you'll not only have the chance to learn, improve, or fine-tune your street dance skills, meet new people, get fit and be a part of a highly respected street dance group, you'll get plenty of opportunities to perform on stage as well (when we're not mid-pandemic of course)

Here's what you'll learn in our adult street dance classes:


Foundations and important grooves, moves, and steps that create the 'foundation' of the styles. You'll learn Variations too - here you'll be getting creative, learning how to explore your foundation skills and create different versions and 'variations' (ways to do these moves), giving you a wide vocabulary of street dance skills. Then comes the Routines (aka combinations/choreography) - using your skills from your foundation and variation knowledge - you'll create and learn choreography to really demonstrate putting your skills to use.


Our adult street dance classes are created and led by one of the top 5% of street dance tutors in the UK.


Hip Hop Pop's director and founder Jenny is not just one of the top 5%, she has also performed professionally all around the world. She's choreographed for some top UK touring theatre shows, as well as for the likes of ITV. Jenny inspires and shares her knowledge with you.


What are the benefits of Street Dance for Adults:


You can gain so much, not just physically but also mentally from dance classes! Physical movement that is taught safely is important to help you look after your body, and classes that are inspirational, encouraging, and engaging are important in helping you to look after your mental health. We deliver it all here at Hip Hop Pop, plus more!


The Physical Benefits of Street Dance Classes for Adults​

  • Better Balance

  • Improved Flexibility / Range of Movement

  • Improved Endurance

  • Improved Coordination

  • Improved Mobility and Agility

  • Better Heart and Lung Health

  • Increased Strength

The Mental Benefits of Street Dance Classes for Adults​

  • Improved Self Confidence

  • Improved Self Esteem

  • More Motivation

  • Champions Creativity

  • Improved Mood

  • Improved Memory

  • Helps Prevent Anxiety

  • Helps Reduce / Overcome Stress

  • Increased Strength

  • Improved Social Interaction / Communication Skills

  • Improved Perseverance

​ Check out our article: 5 reasons why dancing and mental health go together


Finding an adult street dance class suitable for you has never been easier, you can try a free class and come and see why we have so many 5 star reviews. After your free trial, joining us as a member is super simple and done in just a few clicks.

Your membership grants you access to your chosen street dance class time every week. It's a rolling month-to-month membership, there's no long contract, if your circumstances change at any point you can cancel with just a month's notice, eliminating all risk to you.


So what are you waiting for, give us a try for free!

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