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  • Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Street Dance Classes in Essex: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose This Street Dance School in Essex!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Street Dance Classes in Essex Street Dance School in Essex

You've got so much choice for street dance classes in Essex, how do you know the right one to pick? We're going to help you and share with you the top 5 reasons why you need to give our street dance school in Essex a try.

We've got BIG love for many many other performing arts groups in Essex who are qualified and passionate about what they do, just like us, yet of course we believe that our street dance classes are special.

Here's 5 reasons why so many choose our street dance classes in Essex:


1. We're highly qualified, authentic and experienced

20'000+ aspiring dancers of all ages have trained with us over the last 19 years, many of whom have used the skills they've learnt at our Essex classes to dance professionally around the world! The next part is where I get to personally blow my own trumpet; 'I am proudly one of the top 5% of qualified street dance tutors in the UK', I'm passionate about teaching REAL street dance, sharing not only my dance expertise and vocabulary, but sharing knowledge of the roots and evolution of street dance styles.

2. We're award winners, and the press said we're "The Best..."

We're proud to have won lots of awards including 1st places at events over our time, but one of our more recent and favourite awards we're proud of is the "Community Health and Wellbeing" award. Our Street dance classes in Essex not only keep you and the community physically fit, but mentally fit as well. Check out these 5 reasons why street dance is great for our mental health! If that's not enough, check out what the press said; "... cementing Hip Hop Pop as the BEST dance school in the area and arguably one of the best in the country!"


3. We lay out a clear and actionable path of progression for you

We're way more than just a weekly street dance class in Essex. We're a membership to a journey of discovery and opportunity. We provide you with the tools, facilities and the confidence to build a wide vocabulary of street dance skills with depth, enabling you to pick up and perform choreography with conviction and even create your own! As your vocabulary and performance skills progress we have higher level classes that fine tune those skills to a professional / advanced level. There's plenty of room to grow here at Hip Hop Pop

4. There's performance opportunities for all levels, everyone is welcome

In pre-covid times and what will be post-covid times, we have plenty of performance opportunities for all ages and levels, starting with in-class termly performances for the age 3 to 5 classes, progressing to an every-level-is-welcome annual showcase for students aged 6+, and an original piece of street dance theatre bi-annually for 80 students who successfully audition for places. And there's more... Students aged 6+ who've been with us for 2 years or more have the opportunity to try-out for our community performance crew teams, we also have a professional team of adult dancers - who trained with us here at Hip Hop Pop who perform all over the country, some even globally!


5. We're a family, a community, and you are welcome to join us

There's no 'clique's', no judgement, no negativity, and certainly no bullying here! Our street dance classes in Essex are WAY MORE than just dance classes, they are place for our community coming together with a shared love for dance. We support each other in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, created not only by the staff here but the students too.

You don't have to just take our word for it, check out one of our Google reviews:


"This is not just a dance school in Harlow, this is a community. The directors of Hip Hop Pop are two of the kindest, talented and most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It does not matter your level of technical ability, this school fosters team work, social skills, pride, confidence and resilience in all of its students. I can honestly say they're supportive of all their students regardless of age, gender, race and other discriminatory factors which plague society. Nicole - Student at our street dance classes in Essex since 2014

Fancy coming to see us for a FREE TRIAL class? Let us help you start or continue your street dance journey, no matter how old you are or whether you're a beginner or advanced dancer, we'd (I would) love to meet you!

Thanks for reading

Jenny Bater-Sinclair

Director - Hip Hop Pop


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