• Jenny Bater-Sinclair - Company Director

Statistics about dancing in the UK and why we need to continue our support for creative industries

Updated: May 3

A rant? Nope, that's not what this article is don't worry ;) Instead, I'm sharing with you, some interesting statistics about dancing and discussing how this unprecedented 2020 has already affected the creative industry and how we can help reduce any negative knock-on effect to opportunities for our youngsters in the future.

"Did you know, before the first COVID-19 lockdown hit the UK, the total number of employed and self-employed dancers and choreographers in the UK was at the highest it's been for over 10 years?"

Statistics about dancing professionally

How can we play our party in helping the creative industry bounce back

According to Statista, 22'000 dancers we're employed / self-employed in pre-lockdown in 2019/2020, compared to 2013 for example where only 12'000 were employed / self-employed. An encouraging increase for the industry.

Yet according to research from Oxford Economics the creative industries are projected to be hit twice as hard as the rest of the wider economy, and 1 in 5 creative jobs are expected to be lost during/post the effects of Covid-19.

What's the creative industries definition?
'Creative industries' includes design, music, publishing, film and video, crafts, visual arts, fashion, TV, radio, literature, computer games, the performing arts and many more business types that are 'creative'

If the Oxford Economics projection is correct, that's a very fast and steep drop in over 4000 creative jobs. Most professional dancers dedicate years of their lives to training in their discipline, for what is a very competitive industry already. Yet with this projected drop back down in job availability and increase in unemployed dancers, that'll only make it harder and more competitive for performers trying to make a living who've already worked so hard to get to the level they are.

How we can help the creative industry - Quote

How can we all play our part to help support the creative industry bounce back?

Get involved in any way you can; purchase tickets to shows when they re open, take that dance class you've always wanted to attend, buy that book you wanted to read, go see the movie, share events on your socials, give great performances 5 star reviews, tell your friends about your creative industry experiences, and that's just skimming the surface. In the words of Tesco: "Every Little Helps"

Concerning statistics about dancing and children:

According to Statista, the share of 11 to 15 year olds participating in dance activities in England in 2019/20 is down 23.7% on 2009/10, and the share of 5 to 10 year olds is also down 20.5% on 2009/10.

Screenshot below from Statista.com